A kaleidoscopic view of the different types of business cards to represent and market your business  

 September 9, 2021

The rapid upsurge of social media and technology has changed the way people network. You’ll find that online networking has become very popular in various industries with varying business scopes and scales. One-on-one meetings and a throng of offline networking meets continue to define a range of business relationships even today.

At this juncture, a business card is a crucial marketing collateral piece. There are different types of business cards that make your choice a daunting task. Here’s a look into the most prominent ones before you can order business cards.

  • A standard business card must represent your business, providing contact details. Regardless of a company or startup that has various branches across the country or continents, a regular business card is an imperative for your brand.
  • A premium business card is a type of card that showcases a premium outlook of your brand to potential or prospective customers. Depending on your corporate budget, the premium magnitude is open to adjustments in terms of materials, designs, and so on
  • The other types are matte business card, gloss business card, and embossed business card.
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More on the types

A trade business card is very popular amongst people who trade in far-off lands. They carry these cards to network their brand. These business cards define a particular commerce or trade, representing their owners or flagship companies in a dapper and sharp manner.

  • Its design must showcase your occupation. It’s convenient to print these business cards on plastic. Proper graphics represent the brand you’re promoting.
  • The classic business card is always everyone’s favorite. These cards contain preliminary information like your company’s name and a miniature logo of the organization.
  • The wild format corporate card is apt for companies that cater to a new target audience. Here, small is big. These are catchy formats, which draw immediate attention from potential customers.
  • The social business card is a must for social networking businesses. It reflects your communicating patterns or pathways. Traditional ways to contact are not for this type of a business card.
  • You print URLs of Facebook and Twitter, and other social media platforms on a social business card. The printing is innovative.
  • One of the most interesting ones is the Oriented business cards. Some cards may be vertical or horizontal, and its orientation depends on the organization’s directives.
  • Personal business cards are very popular. They feature your contact details and cater to a specific audience or customer base.
  • A business card doesn’t have the personal details of the person. It features a standard or common contact number.
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The other types

The standard glossy entails light-catching polish to complement clear designs. They are ideal for vibrant designs. The designs integrate less ink and clear white designs. They have a slick back and font.

The laminated premium matte is another popular option. You print these business cards on Japanese Ivory paper. They offer a super, smooth, and stiff matte surface. It has a rich feel and look. Its matte lamination is 320 gsm. These cards are ideal for light color designs.

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