Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States 

 October 17, 2021

In many countries, casinos remain illegal and the measures it implements are block gambling sites. However, players of these countries would like to play and for this, they can use online gambling with a VPN. A special application helps to change IP addresses, thereby bypassing geoblocks on many sites. It is available on both mobile devices and computers. Many services are free to download and install, but some countries will only be available for a fee.

Reasons to Use VPN

vpn 750x436 1 - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted StatesSource: casinorange.com

Many Asian and Muslim countries do not support gambling and both land-based and online casinos. This is due to the strength of Muslim beliefs and the communist systems of many Asian countries. In addition, most of Africa and Latin America have not legalized gambling. Therefore, many players from these countries want to try playing slot machines, card, and board games within their country using VPN for online gambling. Without it, the official casino page will be inaccessible due to laws. Remaining in a place where games are illegal, players spoofing locations to gamble online. This system bypasses the geoblock that appears during the traditional entrance to casinos and opens a page that is available in the selected country from a list. Thus, users can register at casinos and play slot machines for free.

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The legality of VPN for Gambling

Many countries have bans against using a geoblock bypass app. For example, in Russia, Uzbekistan, Japan, China, Africa, and Asia, the laws prohibit the use of this service. So even a system is considered illegal in addition to gambling. Special authorities monitor people visiting various sites and check that casino sites and applications for bypassing geo-blocks are not open to access. However, in other countries where gambling and the internet are less controlled, players can install an app without legal restrictions. This is possible in Latin America and Europe. In these places, policies are more loyal, and the best way out for you is to use a VPN to gamble illegally. They can visit sites located in countries where casinos and gambling are legalized.

Restricted Countries for VPN Use

illegal gambling - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

More than 10 countries prohibit the use of this type of system. These places include Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Iraq, Belarus, and Turkmenistan. In these countries, the creation of private networks for their use is tightly controlled. This is due to state policies that prefer to control their citizens, thereby preventing access to the use of any illegal methods online.

How Does VPN for Online Gambling Work?

how gambling work - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

To use it correctly, one needs to understand the system algorithm. In this case, players will not have any questions about how an application works.

  1. After the app is installed on a computer or mobile device, players start to create a virtual private network. As soon as the corresponding button has been pressed, a personal network for players is created on system servers. Only a selected user can use it and be aware of its existence.
  2. On the server in the country that has been selected, a network is created for players. All information about the client is stored on this server, and it will not be transferred to other third parties.
  3. When this system is turned off, the network remains on the server but becomes inaccessible to most users.
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Tracking While Using VPN

The system ensures complete safety and user security thanks to reliable encryption. It creates a unique private Internet network that is difficult to track down by both the ISP and other third parties. It guarantees anonymity and players’ data will remain confidential. In addition, this system has a special function to turn off the Internet in case of disconnection from VPN. If the connection to the new network is suddenly interrupted, VPN will turn off the Internet so that at the time of the interruption, the data is not lost or transferred to others. Therefore, due to the unique features of the system, players cannot be tracked.

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Safety of VPN for Gambling

For gamblers, using this service can be safe if one does not take into account the fact that such action regarding gambling is illegal. However, the very use of the network is reliable and safe because it is protected and not available to other third parties. Such a connection and data from it is almost impossible to catch, and interrupt. Therefore, players’ information remains private and no one else can access it. These systems use 256-bit encryption, which is difficult to break, which keeps customers safe. Thus, the app reliably protects user actions and hides them from potential hackers.

Use of VPN for Online Gambling

Players can use the system on different devices. There are basically two types of VPNs that you can come across. Each of the methods is unique and has its own characteristics of work and launch. Therefore, the principle of its correct installation on different operating systems of computers and mobile phones, as well as tablets, will be described below.

  • Windows. If clients use computers with a Windows operating system, then for installation they need to go to a search engine and find a VPN system that they want to use. After that, one needs to go to sites and choose to download free or paid versions. After installation, one can launch the application and select the country to use. There are many options for the best VPN for gambling that you can use to play well.
  • Mac. In the case when players use Mac computers, the principle of action is similar to the algorithm for downloading and installing on a Windows computer. Players download the application for the computer but select the version for the Mac system. After installation, clients select the country where the casino of their choice operates and launches the casino’s lobby, pass registration, and make a deposit.
  • Android. If players use Android mobile devices, then they need to go to the Google Play application store and enter the application’s name. This app can be available for free or for a fee. After that, one needs to download it and install it on devices. Next, users launch this application and select the country that they will use to bypass geoblocks. This is very convenient because you can use VPN for online gambling from anywhere in the world from your phone.
  • IOS. For an iOS mobile device, clients need to go to the official App Store and specify the name of the system. After that, the application will be downloaded and ready to use. Thus, having launched this system, users can choose a place where a private network will be created to visit online casinos.
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Mobile Gambling VPNs

mobille app vpn - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

Mobile devices are optimized for VPN use. Both Android and iOS devices can work for mobile casino applications. Many gambling establishments have mobile clients that are available for download from app stores. First, one needs to start the VPN and then the casino application can work regardless of the user’s location. The best free VPN for gambling is available for both operating systems, which can be downloaded from the mobile app stores of each operating system. However, these have a limited selection of countries, which can make it a bit difficult to try to gamble at a casino.

VPN Usage Detection

Many casinos can determine the use of a VPN, but each casino has its reaction to such actions. If the signal comes from a country where gambling and VPN use is prohibited, then the casino may terminate cooperation with this client. This can end up with the blocking of the account and the loss of all deposits that were made in the casino. However, if the signal comes from a country where gambling is prohibited, but the use of VPN is allowed, then the casino can be loyal to such players. It may allow their activity on the site and not take any action on the information received.

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Risks of VPN Gambling

The use of a VPN for gambling involves certain risks that may adversely affect the casino gaming experience through the operation of the system. So many casinos, having learned about the activities of the subscriber, can take certain actions regarding the violators, and then access to the casino will be closed for them. The most common consequences of using a VPN are the following risks.

  • Site restriction. Despite the VPN, the casino can recognize illegal activity and logins. Therefore, the site can block the subscriber and deny access to this IP address. Even using a VPN will not help to bypass the casino barrier. Then the player can try to find another site to play, excluding previous experience.
  • Account blocking. In addition to banning access to the site, the casino can block the account created by the player. The client will not be able to access his information, and will not be able to get back the deposits or winnings that are assigned to this profile. The use of the system may result in the blocking of the account and the ban on visiting the casino website.
  • Loss of invested money. If a casino finds out about an illegal visit, then all the money that remains in the casino’s account will be lost. The casino will not refund deposits that have been invested or winnings that have been received while playing games. Since the client has violated the casino policy, nothing can help in solving this problem. Money will be lost forever and irrevocably.
  • Data leak. Since the player’s data remains in the casino, it can use it for its purposes. Therefore, there is a chance that personal and payment information will be transferred to third parties without the knowledge of the player. They can be transferred to other casinos so that they are wary of the appearance of such a player and deny him access to games.
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Best Online Gambling VPN: Most Suitable Sports Betting VPN

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

There are no restrictions on traffic usage even in the free version. ProtonVPN is available in both free and paid versions.

  • When working, there are no slowdowns and the connection works stably and without hitch.
  • The application is available on all devices – both on a computer and on a mobile device.
  • On one device, the player has access to 3 countries to change the location.
  • The paid version is expensive for some players because of high standards.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

The trial period is available for 7 days, after which one must select a tariff. CyberGhost service from Romania has been offering access to 7 simultaneous connections from one channel for more than 10 years.

  • Players can safely use the system, securely encrypt data and remain confidential thanks to more than 5 thousand servers around the world.
  • It is the best VPN for sports betting that can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS phones.
  • The service gives access to the countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa, as it has servers around the world.
  • Of the minuses, an unstable connection can be distinguished, which interferes with the continuous use of the system.
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3. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

This service has modern encryption technologies that guarantee anonymity and security. If a player needs a reliable service to play online, this system will help bypass the geoblock of state laws.

  • It is an easy-to-use VPN for sports betting.
  • PrivateVPN has versions that are available on devices of all operating systems.
  • It gives access to many European countries.
  • The free period lasts 24 hours, and after that, one needs to enable the paid version.

4. HideMan VPN

HideMan VPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

The application guarantees complete anonymity and strong 256-bit encryption. Players can use up to 2GB per month for free or sign up for a paid subscription.

  • Strong encryption and anonymity are the main advantages of this service.
  • A version is available for all operating systems of computers and mobile devices.
  • HideMan VPN allows access to 22 countries.
  • However, the subscription is not one of the cheapest, which is a disadvantage of this service.
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Top VPN for Poker to Play Safely

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

For mobile devices, this service has the best interface, which ensures reliable use of the system for the required purposes. ExpressVPN bills itself as the fastest online poker VPN.

  • It should be noted that it is still the best application for iOS devices.
  • In addition to iOS, the system is available on other platforms of computers and mobile devices.
  • More than 3000 servers are available worldwide and the player can use up to 94 countries to change location.
  • The downside is the expensive cost of services and the use of only 3 devices in the system.
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2. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

500 MB of traffic is available for free every month, or it is possible to order a tariff plan. Hotspot Shield is the best free app to play online poker with a VPN.

  • It boasts strong encryption, spam, and malware protection.
  • It is available for all computer systems and mobile devices.
  • It serves in 70 countries.
  • The downside is the collection of information about the user’s cache in the application.

3. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

This service has 256-bit encryption and low bandwidth, which keeps the data safe. The service is an excellent solution for accessing different parts of the world for a paid subscription.

  • The system does not keep customer logs, which allows them to remain confidential.
  • The service is available on all platforms of various stationery connection devices.
  • IPVanish has 1000 servers in over 60 countries around the world, allowing players to change their locations.
  • The paid subscription is expensive.
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4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

Private Internet Access guarantees anonymity and bandwidth that will not allow information leakage. The service has a free version, but it is only available in the first week. Then a paid subscription is required.

  • Private Internet Access has reliable data protection and no customer logs.
  • This online poker VPN offers applications for computers and mobile devices of all operating systems.
  • However, the service has more than 35 thousand servers, allowing changing the location to any country in the world.
  • The downsides are unstable connections and a lack of access to streaming platforms.

Best Casino VPN

1. NordVPN

NordVPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

NordVPN is considered the number 1 system in the world with over 12 million users worldwide. Based in Panama, the app provides a fast private virtual network.

  • Additionally, the system has the best performance and data encryption.
  • Available for all operating systems of computers and mobile devices, and has browser extensions.
  • Servers are represented in over 60 countries around the world.
  • Of the minuses, it is worth noting the price of a monthly subscription.
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2. Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

You can use this casino VPN service on 5 devices simultaneously after purchasing the paid subscription for $9,99/month. Tunnelbear from Canada will protect players’ data with special encryption technology.

  • Every month, customers can use 500 MB for free and then activate the tariff plan.
  • The application is available on all operating systems of computers and mobile devices.
  • It has access to more than 50 countries.
  • However, the disadvantages include a small number of countries to choose from, unstable connections.

3. Torguard

Torguard - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

The version does not record customer information but protects it from third parties. It is available both paid and free.

  • The pluses include a no-log policy, an ad blocker.
  • Torguard is suitable for all devices on mobile and computer operating systems.
  • This online casino VPN has access to 30 countries in Europe.
  • However, the disadvantages include an unstable and slow connection and an inconvenient interface.
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4. Pure VPN

Pure VPN - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

To play in a casino, this service offers the best data encryption and complete anonymity when visiting sites. The trial period is available only for the first 7 days, then the paid version should be valid.

  • Of the advantages, it is worth noting a wide variety of countries for location, anonymity, and high connection speed.
  • In addition, players can install this casino VPN on all device platforms, and even on a TV.
  • Pure offers access to 80 countries around the world.
  • The disadvantages include the lack of access to streaming platforms.

If you have problems with the operation of a gambling site, and VPN does not help, perhaps the matter is completely different. If you do not have Adobe Flash installed or are out of date, this may affect gameplay functions. The main solution is to install Adobe Flash on your computer.

Note: I advise you to study what was and what Adobe Flash Player is now, how it affects the operation of gambling sites, arcade games, slots, etc.

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VPN with Fake GPS for Gambling to Avoid Restriction

If the player is already banned from using one casino site, then the user can try another establishment. Another location can help him get to another casino and play there. This is useful for those who want to play in a casino, but cannot be prohibited by law due to certain circumstances. However, this is still an illegal activity due to deception and circumvention of the geoblock, which was set by the state. In many countries, such use is illegal and can result in criminal liability for the player. Therefore, one should carefully connect using it to avoid possible violations.

Free VPN VS Paid VPN Services

Free VPN VS Paid VPN Services - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted States

Many VPN systems have two versions of the app. One of them is available for free, while the other is available for connecting to a certain tariff plan. Each version has pros and cons that are specific to the system. Further, the features and differences between the free and paid versions will be presented.

Free Version

  1. Poor performance due to a large number of users. Possible hitch and interruptions in the connection due to the frequent simultaneous connection of different subscribers;
  2. Lack of support services. Players will not be able to turn to specialists for a solution to the problem, thereby limiting the reliable use of the service;
  3. Lack of AdBlocking. Users can see various advertisements that can be related to their requests and personalized. If we consider this, for example, in relation to VPN for online casinos, it is not very convenient. You will receive tons of ads during gameplay that will overlap the screen.;
  4. Unknown degree of protection. This is because many users are trying to protect their data, thereby giving access to their personal information.
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Paid Version

  1. Strong encryption. All player data is safe and not shared with third parties. For a paid subscription, the system provides anonymity and reliable 256-bit encryption;
  2. Large selection of countries for location. To find a casino that will fit all parameters, one needs to try many possible countries where it is available. Thus, the more choice the better for the users;
  3. High connection speed and stable connection. This is possible because there is a limited number of paid users and each subscriber has his tunnel for using the network. It is important to pay attention to many nuances and choose only the best VPN for online gambling.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gambling VPN

Using a VPN has both pros and cons. However, it is only the user’s choice whether to download and install the application. The following are the most important advantages and disadvantages that affect a player’s casino experience when using a VPN.


  • Access to games. If the player lives in a country where gambling is prohibited, then this system will help bypass the block of the law. This allows a VPN client to access and play numerous casino games;
  • Anonymity. Personal and billing information will not be shared with third parties. All data will be stored on a separate server, which is very difficult to access. Therefore, anonymous casino visits will become an advantage of using it;
  • Strong encryption. In addition to anonymity, the client can know that his data is securely encrypted with the latest modern technologies. No one will be able to access them from unauthorized persons.
  • Ways to get around Gamstop. If you’ve stumbled upon casino and slots self-exclusion services, a VPN can help you bypass the restrictions.


  • Violation of the law. If gambling is prohibited in the country, then using a VPN to visit a casino site is considered illegal. The player can be punished for using it and removed from Internet activities;
  • Blocking and prohibition to visit the site. If the casino finds out that the client is using the system to visit the site, then it can block the account and add it to the black list. Moreover, it can share this information with other casinos and access to visits will be closed even when using it;
  • Chance of information and money leakage. If the connection is not securely secured, then the player can lose his data and they can be used for other bad purposes against the player. That is why it is very important to use a VPN for casinos or for other types of games in order to protect yourself and not disappoint at the end of the gaming session.
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Using VPN to unblock Casino Websites to Gamble Online

VPN for Online Gambling 1622x802 1 750x371 1 - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted StatesSource: best10vpn.com

Using a VPN helps gamblers in countries where gambling is prohibited to play in casinos. Therefore, it is worth following the further instructions, which will tell how to use VPN to unblock the casino correctly.

Step 1: Find a suitable casino. The choice of a casino must be considered thoroughly since it is necessary to take into account several factors that affect the game. The license, games, bonuses, payment methods must be up to date for the player to play at this casino. It is worth paying attention to which countries the casino operates in.

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Step 2: Find the right VPN. It is difficult to choose a worthwhile application, but one should pay attention to the presence of the required country in the list of available countries. In addition, one must select the paid version of the application to ensure security and anonymity.

Step 3: Install the app. One needs to go to the website or app store and download the official app. Then the player can be sure that his data will remain safe. After installing the application, one needs to launch the application.

Step 4: Go to the casino website. After launching the application, the player chooses the country in which the game is available, and the system connects to the correct server. Thus, using a VPN for online casinos allows you to unblock a website from any part of the world.

VPN Casinos: Top VPN Friendly Casinos 2021

Top VPN Friendly Casinos 750x416 1 - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted StatesSource: vpnoverview.com

Nowadays, VPN can also be used in the gambling sphere safely and without risks. You can easily play your favorite games, for example, Spin Samurai casino, StayCasino, YOJU, etc. Next, we’ll take a look at these and other popular VPN-friendly options.

  • PlayAmo is available for most systems, however, it is recommended to use the paid versions, since the casino will cooperate with the player only if there is a reliable and stable connection. It is considered one of the most sought-after VPN casinos in restricted states.
  • Spin Samurai is available for all systems, including free versions. The casino does not pay attention to the location and gives access to most of the games despite using a VPN system. Spin Samurai casino is available for all systems, including free versions. The casino does not pay attention to the location and gives access. This is one of the few casinos that does not require using a VPN to gamble online because it works regardless of this. You can easily play Spin Samurai casino with its sign-up bonus, free spins, and bonus codes for real money at pokieslab.com.
  • StayCasino allows players to use a variety of systems that support most European countries. Connecting to countries in Asia or Africa, players will not be able to register at the casino.
  • YOJU invite customers to play numerous games presented in the casino lobby even when using the virtual network application. However, it is worthwhile to approach the choice of the country, because the casino is not available in all countries of the world. These are the best online casinos that allow VPN, convenient and versatile to use.
  • Sloto Cash allows fans of slot machines to play using the paid versions of the system. The casino only communicates with confidential online players. Each has important elements of slot game development when the games are programmed to suit the needs of the user.
  • ILucki has a mobile app where players can play using a VPN app. After turning on a VPN, customers enter the casino mobile client and start placing bets.
  • Casinonic uses VPN responsibly and only allows players from certain countries to participate in casino games. Therefore, it is worthwhile to selectively approach the choice of the country that will be selected in the VPN application.
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Top Most Asked Questions

faq - Casino VPN – Best VPN Services for Online Gambling in the Restricted StatesSource: digitalhumans.com

1. What risks are using VPN for online gambling?

In some countries, using a VPN is considered illegal as users change their IP addresses and play in casinos while it is prohibited in the country. Thus, players break the law, because they get access to illegal games in online casinos in countries where they are prohibited.

2. Which VPN for GTA 5 casino is the best to choose?

One can choose any of the above methods to bypass the geoblock. All VPNs reliably protect and encrypt data from unwanted hacks. Therefore, to play at the Gta 5 casino, users can download and install any of the VPNs discussed in this review. One can choose any of the above methods to bypass the geoblock. All these services reliably protect and encrypt data from unwanted hacks. Therefore, if you want to improve your gameplay, use GTA online casino VPN.

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3. Which 888 poker VPN to choose to play in the USA?

The best way to play poker in the US is to use ExpressVPN. This is because this application protects data more reliably thanks to special encryption technology. Moreover, it supports high-speed internet and players will not have any hiccups while playing in another country. Therefore, using a VPN to play online poker is the best option to make your gaming process safe and fun.

4. Is using a VPN to gamble online legal?

This activity is illegal because the user violates the laws of the country where gambling is prohibited. If players are located in countries where casinos are allowed, but they do not want to play casinos, one can use a VPN legally. This method will be considered legal because gambling is legal in the country.

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