Lindner Recycling tech Spare Parts: Don’t stop your operation 

 April 22, 2022

Operating from Austria, Lindner has been a staple in the industry of machines for material management and recycling. Since 1948 they have been at the top of the wave when it comes to technical developments in machinery. With more than 7 decades, they product line has evolved and it’s currently being used in different operation lines all around the world. Their machine catalog is perfect for different recycling applications: plastic, wood, metal and all different types of material processing. Not only that, that are also highly efficient, and come in several configurations to make them even more efficient while expanding their operational range.

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A wide portfolio

Checking on their catalog we can find how they have put an enormous amount of effort to cover every need a material processing company might have. They offer stationary and mobile equipment perfect for waste management operations. They also have a complete line for SRF/RDF fuel production from waste processing. One of the most exciting parts of the company is their R&D department which can create customized projects for larger operations on demand. More than 70 years of expertise are behind them and prove their effectiveness.


Lindner Recycling Production lines

The company has three state-of-the-art facilities in their home country of Austria. All the equipment manufactured here is dispatched to over 70 countries of the world where Lindner equipment is used. These facilities are in full operation and are known for their highly efficient products and effective manufacturing.

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Waste management solutions

Lindner Recycling understands that every material is different. Therefore, they have made conscious efforts to make every machine specialized and effective. Thanks to their strong research and development department they have been able to create equipment that suits different applications at a high level of performance.

We also need to mention that they have mobile and stationary equipment which increases even more the already wide range of applications.


The Lindner Range: all needs are covered

In their more than 70 years they have developed machinery that have become the reference in the industry. Several lines have been created that look to serve as much different areas as possible. When it comes to waste material processing and shredding, Lindner always haves the last word.

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Primary Stationary Shredding.

Here we can have the Jupiter, the Atlas 5500 AS and 5500 SY. These machines are designed for continuous stationary operation with low maintenance costs and time. They provided maximum efficiency with low down time, perfect to keep the line going.


Stationary Secondary Shredding.

Here you can find the Komet, the Komet HP and the Komet PK which are the perfect second step process when further processing is required for industrial or commercial waste, textiles, waste paper or other materials. They offer smooth process thanks to their detailed engineering design and different smart features.


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Stationary one-step Shredding

Here we can find the Polaris, designed for one step process of materials to generate caloric fuels. A strong design, low operation costs are the remarkable aspects of this popular machine present in several plants all around the world.


Stationary Universal Shredding

In this line we find the Universo, Micromat and Antares lines, which are designed to be a one-step solution for different materials. They deliver a consistent throughput and max productivity with low stop time.


Mobile Shredding

Last but not least, mobile shredding is represented in the form of the Urraco and Miura series. These machines excel in functionality but also n mobility, making them the best solution for all those shredding on-the-go applications. They have a high processing power and can work without stopping. All of this makes them ideal for any type of work that requires mobility.

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