Men’s Stylish Straw Hat Companion for Their Head During Summer – The Three Options That They Can Choose From 

 November 1, 2021

Men’s hats are easy to wear. But the selection process takes time and patience. And today, some websites can help men find a match for a date. But there are no apps or sites that can help men match with their best headwear companion for the summer months. But if that’s your aim, you have landed on the correct article. Here we will provide you with the much-required direction.

Today, there are various straw hats for men. And each hat type comes in various subtleties, shapes, and styles that make these hats popular amongst the style-conscious and intelligent men. Each of these straw-hat variants has a particular role to play in your life. And being lightweight, these hats are easy to carry and provide maximum sun protection. Once you choose the best hat variant, your neck and face will thank you for your decision. And whether you are opting in for your most awaited summer adventures, poolside cocktail parties, or spending some time at the oceanside – you will always have your best straw hat beside you. Here are the three best straw hats that men can choose from:

  1. The boater hat – A delightfully playful affair
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Often men think whether they will play ball, fly a spinnaker or skip when they have this hat. Even though they aren’t sure, they like it. The straw boater hat comes with a distinct style. And it is apt for people searching for something classy yet playful to wear at a semi-formal golf game or a yacht party. The hat highlights its sophisticated personality with the elliptical shape, high-quality braid straw crown, and a flat brim. This hat has the ideal combination of playfulness and poise.

When pairing this hat with your attire, you can use complementing colors or a soothing contrast. Choose your denim Bermudas or cotton crop pants in pastel shades if you choose a dark-colored straw boater hat. Else, you can pick up one shade and ensure that it has a similarity with your hat as well as the attire you wear. The straw boater is the best hat to get some of the eye-catching Instagram images.

  1. The Panama hat – Get a little serious with this material
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You can get slightly serious with a straw Panama hat, even though their name is a paradox. First things first! The straw Panama hats don’t come from Panama. Instead, it belongs from Ecuador and gets its name mistakenly from the gold prospectors familiar with this style as they traveled to the Gulf of Panama. It shouldn’t make you hold it against them. The reason being, that this iconic hat style got manufactured for enduring the immense heat. And the stylish appearance of the straw Panama hat has stood through various tests of time. That is what makes this hat popular. The straw Panama hat is made from the high-end toquilla straw, which gives it a natural cooling effect and class. It is a smooth-looking hat that is also durable and lightweight. Whether you walk in to the lounge room or the dance floor, this hat will be the perfect company.

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The style-conscious men can sport this hat at various occasions and get noticed. Some variants come with a subtly curved brim and a sleek indented crown which often captures a lady’s attention. If you are searching for versatile headwear, the straw Panama hat is the best choice that you can make.

  1. The Fedora hat – A love affair with straw

If you are a hat connoisseur and want a good quality straw hat, then this hat is a trusted choice. If it’s your first straw hat, it’s tough to leave behind a Fedora. The hat oozes the much-required confidence and poise and always gains the desired attention in public or from women. It’s one of the best straw hats to add to your existing hat collection. The hat comes with a classic teardrop shape that complements your face shape and makes you appear stylish. The breathable, lightweight, and stylish make of the hat makes it versatile and a perfect companion for several occasions. And inspired by the traditional toquilla straw hats, the new-age Fedora hats for men provide good sun protection. And this quality makes them the best choice in the straw headwear category. All those men who want to make a lasting impression with their straw hat can opt-in for the Fedora hat. It will be their best friend for many occasions and events.

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When choosing the best straw hats for summertime, you can choose from the straw Boater, Panama, or the Fedora hats. Equipped with these hats, you can enjoy many years of memorable activities. So, go ahead and choose the one that best fits your face shape, size, and persona.

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