Role of Teachers in Student’s Discipline 

 February 24, 2022

An orderly conduct which is gained through obedience and self control is what can be summed into discipline. This word originates from a latin word “disciplina” which refers to education, management, rules and regulation. Regulation, self restraint and control comes within the ambit of discipline. Leading a life that goes on according to a particular set of rules, having a self control that is not forced upon oneself rather flows from within is called having discipline in life. For some it is courteous submission to higher authorities or orderly conduct. While for others it can be having a desirable set of habits, adherence to standards and regulations that are essential. In any way, adopting discipline in life leads to welfare of not an individual but also of a society at large.

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Whether it is in work or home, discipline is needed in every sphere of life. You just cannot utilize your energy and power if discipline is eliminated. Even Aristotle said ages back, “A nation is not built by mountains and trees, for withstanding it is built by character of its citizens.” This statement completely stands true because only when citizens of the country are disciplined, can they take their nation on the path to progress. What is the correct stage to make people aware of this term that it even exists and how significant is it? The answer is in the early formative years of an individual.

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Not only is discipline a moral value but also a virtue. Goals are unattainable without it. Whatever career path that you choose, be it an acamedican, a professional or a filmmaker, this virtue becomes essential. However, comprehending this becomes more impactful when people are made cognizant of it early on in their lives. The right place for it to begin is in school, a disciplined childhood leads to a successful adult life. Even to maintain an appropriate learning environment in school, through both offline and online education, discipline is necessary. For implementation of plans to become self reliant and solving real life challenges, it makes students of school transform into strong individuals. A key role in this is played by the teacher.

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Joubert & Prinsloo stated that “educators are responsible to maintain discipline at all times.” Teachers have other crucial responsibilities other than just teaching and that is to imbibe within their students moral values to make them law abiding individuals. Within the community of school, discipline has to be maintained for learning to flourish. Educators can even use mobile teacher app to get in touch with their students at a mutually favorable time after school hours to share their experiences and impart values.

There are certain ways to which even educators should abide by in order to ensure a disciplined learning environment. They insist students to accept responsibilities, remain courteous and treat every student fairly. Modeling the behavior that a teacher expects from students and being an active listening helps students to get disciplined. Apart from this, teaching students social, academic and personal skills, being aware of cultural differences in order to understand students better is the best way to make students self reliant and strong.

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