Tips to score excellent bands in IELTS! 

 December 20, 2021

You must answer 40 questions in the listening phase of the IELTS exam, which are heavily reliant on the audio clips that will be played for you. The marking pattern in this section differs slightly from that in the writing and speaking portions. You will receive one mark for each correct answer, with the total number of marks determining your overall band score.


Because vocabulary is so important in this subject, we strongly suggest you read as many newspapers and periodicals as possible. Make it a habit to write down the unique terms you hear, since this will help you remember them throughout the exam. We recognize that expanding one’s vocabulary is not a one-day process. So, if you’re thinking about taking the IELTS exam in the future, you should start now.

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At the time of the test, you should always concentrate on the flow of the spoken material’s content. Always make an effort to summarise the material given during the listening test. To do better on the exam, jot down the main ideas, major and tiny information. After that, write the basic summary requested in the question using the outline. Students can solve maths puzzles with answers to improve maths.


Do daily practice by listing numerous intellectuals’ podcasts; this will give you a notion of how to understand each spoken word more precisely. More attention should be paid to the words in the entire section that imply particular characterizations. Introductions, key stages, thoughts, and conclusions are the most notable portions in the listening section that you should distinguish. Discover the complete flow of the spoken information through developing an understanding.

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The test taker should always listen for terms that demonstrate the connection and relationship between different phrases. Always look for a clear link between particular causes like compare/contrast, effect/consequences, and the key process stage. Attempt to predict what the examiner will say. ERP should be used in schools to manage school activities.


We understand that this is a difficult trick, but if you listen closely, you will be able to predict the examiner’s next step. Develop a brain that allows you to forecast simple ideas and information with ease. Examine the wording to see if it is informal or formal. The test taker should pay close attention to the invigilator’s tone. If the overall tone of the conversation is formal, you can know it’s a courtroom debate between a group of academics. Because one of the most important parts of this test is time management.

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As a result, all pupils are encouraged to improve their reading speed. A severe time constraint will undoubtedly test your abilities to accomplish each activity on time. Your rapid reading ability will aid you in finding the answers to the question. You will be able to scan the paragraph more quickly as a result of this. At the time of the IELTS reading test, the test taker should be well-versed in the procedures for skimming and scanning the passage.


Furthermore, scanning is the fundamental ability to identify any information rapidly and, in most cases, without regard to the passage’s comprehension. To begin, the test taker should concentrate on the complete reading section exam pattern. This is one of the most important measures in achieving an IELTS score of 8 bands.

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It should be noted that there are approximately 16 questions, and the test taker will need a strategy for dealing with each sort of question. These questions are grouped into three categories: local, global, and cluster. This knowledge will not only save you time but will also assist you in providing accurate answers.


If you’re still looking for further information on this subject, browse through the entire blog to gain a deeper knowledge of each module. The majority of test-takers sit back and relax, knowing that the examiner will not focus on the grammar section in this session. However, because the grammar portion is indirectly checked in the reading section, this is one of their major errors.

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This means that grammar can assist you in identifying the proper solution in a short amount of time. The majority of test takers arrive at the correct location but are unable to pinpoint the answer. The fact that pk00qthey are unconcerned about grammatical precision is the main element that draws them back.

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