Use of Video in eCommerce Marketing to Increase Sales 

 February 5, 2022

Every small, medium or large industry and organization may have invested in showcasing high-quality product images, compelling explanations, and even product reviews to market their products and services, but nothing tells a story more lucratively than a compelling video. There was a time when creating branded videos and commercials was an expensive and complex task that only large companies could do.

But thanks to the growing popularity of digital marketing using videos, planning, rotating, shooting, editing and publishing videos has become so much more convenient. Potential customers immediately fall in love with a product once they understand how the product works and how other customers have reviewed it. Use Video eCommerce Marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and sell more products and services in your e-commerce business.

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Should I use Video-Marketing?

According to video marketing statistics, your video content undoubtedly shapes the way customers capture information, make purchase decisions, interact with content, and share content across the web. Video content not only receives a lot of traffic but can also affect conversion.

Videos have proven to enhance conversions and increase the open rate for email campaigns by a huge margin Video marketing is no longer an approach for displaying products online, but today, it is a complete strategy.

How is Video eCommerce Marketing Effective?

With video marketing, you can tell a story about your product and attract potential customers by bringing your products to life. Still, images and brief descriptions give you an idea of what the product is, but the video shows all the benefits and features.

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You can also use humor, tell stories, and make music videos. You can show how other customers use your product, what they like about it, and what makes your brand better than other customers.

Advantages of Effective Video eCommerce Marketing

  1. With video marketing for your e-commerce business, you can:
  2. Explain how to use the product and highlight all its features and functions
  3. Share satisfied customer reviews
  4. Create a story about your product
  5. Talk about your business mission and your business ethics and values
  6. Reveal product behavior
  7. Draw a comparison between your product and your competitors’ and stand out among them
  8. Build trust with potential customers
  9. Help potential customers become familiar with your product
  10. Share content on social media, thus increasing brand awareness and customer reach. Encourage significant benefits to your e-commerce business
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What Types of Videos Can I Create?

As an e-commerce business, you can start thinking about the types of video content your target audience most resonates with. Here are various types of videos you can create to attract prospects and increase your sales online:

1. Product tutorials or how-to videos

Both current and future customers can benefit from these product tutorial videos as you can show your new customers how to use the product and talk about its benefits. You can answer any complex questions that your audience may have.

2. Animation product video

Animated videos are a great option if you don’t want to appear in the video yourself. You simply need to find an effective digital animator online to create fun, meaningful, and colorful videos that will attract the attention of potential customers.

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3. Short marketing videos

You can simply create high-quality videos from your computer or smartphone. Create short videos and answer common customer questions, talk about the brand’s uniqueness, and announce new product releases. You can use quotes, scripts, and content delivery to plan your video content in the same way you plan content marketing. Short, crisp, and real videos are the best way to get your prospects to trust your brand.

4. Facebook or Instagram Live

With the advent of Facebook Live and Instagram Live, there is no need to pre-record the video. All you must do is log in to your social media account, schedule your message, and stream it live. In addition to talking to your followers in real-time, you can also share videos on social media and upload them to YouTube for more content. Live video is incredibly interactive, looks Real, and is a great way for your viewers to interact and associate with your brand.

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5. Product reviews and customer feedback

The voice of the customer is powerful. Potential customers are more likely to trust reviews than the real thing. Testimonial videos are much more appealing than reading reviews online. When users see the smiles of their customers, they also tend to shop from online stores.

6. Interview with an expert

Expert interviews on either your product or a topic of interest for your audience are a great way to build authority in your industry. People love to experience future trends from the best. In addition, having an expert share your video with their audience can further increase your reach.

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7. Story-based video

Story-based videos not only explain your product but also create a story about it that your potential customers will remember. You can use effective story-based videos to connect with prospects in a much better manner.

8. Setup / Installation or Product Guide

No one likes to read long manuals. Consumers are always looking for additional information about products and solutions to common questions they may have. These videos are great for search engine optimization (SEO), which increases traffic to your e-commerce stores or YouTube channels. You can create a product setup and installation video to help your customers understand how to set up a new product.

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Video eCommerce Marketing Tips

Follow these steps and video marketing tips to increase your sales:

  1. Know your audience – Do market research and test some concepts before investing your time and energy in high-quality videos. Make sure you know what your prospects want from your product or what problem are you trying to solve
  2. Know your goals and KPIs – Analyse what your core objective of creating videos is – is it to enhance sales, increase the number of subscribers, enhance brand awareness, etc. You can accordingly determine your approach and measure your success.
  3. Invest in high quality – Use only high-quality video and don’t compromise on its excellence. Create meaningful videos that set them apart from other videos.
  4. Set a budget – Consider your potential ROI and maintain reasonable margins and limits on how much you can invest in video production and function accordingly
  5. Create a script – Keep track of things and if you face any issues with the technicalities of making professional videos, hire a professional.
  6. Keep your content short else, it can distract your viewers from the essence, and you may lose your main goal.
  7. Use the correct equipment – You don’t need fancy cameras or a professional lighting system, but just the right equipment to create the appropriate effect.
  8. Insert a Call to Action – Make it clear to your audience what is the next action they need to take. Ask them to make a phone call, click a button, visit a website, or take action to interact with the content. Make it easy for them to find you and buy your product online.
  9. Edit and add music – Learn how to make a music video to reduce background noise, emotionally connect with your audience, and make your videos look more attractive. You can use an effective video editor if you are new to editing.
  10. Share videos on social media platforms – You can show your videos on your website, share them on social media, or include it in your email campaign. You can create blog posts, embed videos, and get more organic traffic.
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Video eCommerce Marketing is a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to improve the performance of your e-commerce site and can give you the best possible ROI. Experience the command and power of your brand and business-related marketing videos by creating a strategy.

Videos also influence the decision-making process of the customers and help them learn more about your business and products. Thus, we can say that videos can lead your business to more conversions and sales and better brand visibility.

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