Window Cleaning Leads: Free Leads for Window Washers 

 January 6, 2022

Free Window Cleaning Leads

You work hard to market your business and every once in a while, it would probably be nice to catch a break. At ProMatcher we understand that. We strive to help you get as many free Leads for window cleaning as possible. It’s as easy as taking a few minutes to set up a free ProMatcher profile. After that, you will be automatically listed in our online directory and ready to start getting leads. All the leads that come to you through our network are completely free and yours to keep.

Job Leads for Window Washers

ProMatcher helps window washers find new job leads all the time. Both home and business owners use our system to search for window cleaning services.

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Some popular window washing job leads are:


  • Residential window cleaning leads
  • Commercial window cleaning leads
  • Exterior window cleaning leads
  • Interior window cleaning leads


Create your free ProMatcher account and we promise to do our best to get you some free window cleaning leads.

Buying Window Cleaning Leads

You should not rely exclusively on ProMatcher’s free leads to grow your business. Instead, our leads should serve as a part of your overall marketing strategy. While every business will have their own unique strategy for securing new customers, many businesses find it beneficial to purchase leads from a lead generation service.

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Choosing the right service is often the trickiest part about buying leads because many lead generation sites look so much alike. We want to make it easier for you to find the best option for your window cleaning business.


Keep in mind that if you do decide to buy leads, you will have several different price model options. Popular models like pay-per-call, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-appointment give you some flexibility in designing your marketing approach. When you sign up for ProMatcher, you can learn more about each strategy as well as receive introductions to some of the most popular window cleaning lead generation services.

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How Much Do Window Cleaning Leads Cost?

Generally, window cleaning leads will cost between $15 and $32. The cost per lead depends on several different factors. For instance, where is the job located? Prices can vary between different states and even different cities. The estimated value of the job will also affect the cost of the lead. Commercial job leads will often be more expensive than residential ones because of their larger size.

Exclusive Window Cleaning Leads

Leads prices also depend on whether a lead is exclusive or shared. Shared leads, as the name suggests, are sold to more than one window washer. This can make closing a sale slightly more difficult but can also make buying leads much more affordable.

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On the other hand, exclusive leads are only sold one to one business, increasing your odds of winning the job. In exchange for this exclusivity, you can expect to pay premium prices.


You should consider the time you will dedicate to pursuing these leads as well as your business’s marketing budget when deciding between exclusive and shared leads.

Local Window Cleaning Leads

You probably aren’t trying to build a global window washing empire. Instead, it’s more likely that you are trying to build the best window cleaning business in your area. Window cleaning lead generation services can be particularly useful when you have a set service territory in mind. They can send you leads that match your geographic preferences for the counties or zip codes that you operate in.

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Best Way to Get Window Cleaning Leads

Delivering quality service at a fair price is the simplest way to build your window washing business. Customers you treat well will turn into repeat customers who contact you for all their window cleaning needs. These loyal clients will not only refer you to their friends and family but also be more likely to recommend your services to their community on sites like NextDoor and Facebook.


Customer loyalty, however, does not spring up overnight. Searching for and securing new customers takes a lot of sweat and occasionally, even some tears. If you want to avoid any undue heartache, take a look at our window cleaning marketing guide for ideas on growing your business.

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