5 Best Suburbs of Nashville for living 

 February 25, 2022

Nashville is known as a Music City for having legendary musicians that have a huge number of participants in the various entertainment scenes and vibrant music. With having a capital of huge music glitters there are best career opportunities for job seekers. When it comes to living with family we all are looking for overall vibes of area, crime, affordability, parks, and other amenities for the family.

If you are wondering, is Nashville good place to live? Yes, many neighborhoods and suburbs of Nashville are considered to be the safest places for living. There Let’s look at the article to get the best and safest suburbs of Nashville for living where you can build your dream building.

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1. Gallatin

Gallatin is one of the speedily growing cities in Tennessee with the best infrastructures and nature for a living. Gallatin is most daily close to Nashville around 15-20 miles close to old History Lake where you can quite feel enjoyment in the water. Gallatin gives more resident and offers high residential areas where many professionals and youths are found to be live. It is the best place as a suburb of Nashville for living and enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and fishing. It is the most affordable place for living with a family with has high-ranking schools for children. The northwest part of the city is considered to be the safest having a very low crime area to live in Gallatin.

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2.  Franklin

Franklin is the top spot earning suburb of Nashville for living with high prices of homes but with good schools and educations, and one of high priority choice for many families to shift to Nashville. Franklin is considered to be the metro area near Nashville for living. Williamson County is the most famous high school in Franklin gives the highly-rated best education. Franklin has many best things to do such as it has Natchez trace parkway, music city roots, and theatres. The heart of a central area of Franklin city is considered to be the Great American Main Street with having historic buildings.


3. Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet is a short community city suburb of Nashville for living with family. It is the best city for higher learning institutes like Fisk, Belmont, Lipscomb Universities. It is located in the downtown of western Wilson County, Tennessee. Mount Juliet is having best-constructed homes to attempt advantage of the enthusiasm of living. Mount Juliet is considered to be the land between the lakes that separate the water bodies of Nashville. It gives the best lakeside living experience you can imagine as beautiful nature scenes.

4. Brentwood

Brentwood is considered to be the closest metro area to Nashville for living with family and friends. It is mostly to be far around 30 minutes in the south of downtowns. Many of the outskirts areas of Brentwood would be rebranding as Brantioch. Brentwood offers many recreational activities, parks, schools, zoos, and offers low crime rates that’s why to consider being a safe place for living. Brentwood has a high school named Ravenwood that is best for providing education. It has the advantage of being located in the central suburb of Nashville.

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5. Nolensville

Nolensville is the smallest suburb around 15-20 miles far from Nashville which is considered to be the out of ways compared to other traditional suburbs for Nashville for living. Basically, it comes in the list of top locations for living with families having restaurants and shops which are considered to be in-progress works. Nolensville is considered to be a thriving agriculture community with feels rural area with most resident homes. Nolensville roads are being come from the major north-side area between chapel hill.


The article that you have read above gives you the best places nearby Nashville for living with your friends and families. Nashville is one of the places where you can enjoy relaxing on nature preserves and in the state parks. Nashville is one of the best music cities having the safest suburbs for living.

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