Questions and answers about the Islamic talismans – taweez 

 February 14, 2022

For thousands of years, people on earth have used talismans in their daily lives – they believed in their mystical power and very often they were their only support. Since prehistoric times, people have transmitted metaphysical forces and abilities to various objects – stones of strange shape, tree branches of different colors, meteorite pieces and others.

With the grouping of prehistoric people in larger communities, the emergence of religions – in its essence – the next stage in the development of paganism and its introduction and transformation into social norms. With this comes the change in the talismans themselves – they are already indoctrinated and associated with a religion, moving further and further away from its original nature-related species. Thus, some of the sacred texts began to be used for talismans. This applies to every religion in the world.

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Here we will pay attention to the use of Muslim talismans – taweez. As in other religions, Islam has preserved parts of previous religions and pagan beliefs (whether we are talking about polytheism or monotheism), which reflect on the talismans themselves, their content and workmanship.

Most of them contain parts of the Qur’an relating to all kinds of problems, but there are also quite a few that contain signs and symbols that cannot be deciphered by scholars studying the Qur’an. And for this reason, they choose to simply stigmatize them without trying to understand their meaning. Some religious scholars go to even greater extremes by directly endorsing all talismans, regardless of their content, whether they contain parts of the Qur’an or not. In fact, they say – ‘why use talismans after you have the Qur’an, which you can read every day, and talismans are evil and sin.’ Here comes the question to these ultimate scholars – are even taweez with parts of the Qur’an evil and sin?

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The question of the existence and use of talismans in Islam is very complex. As much as his defenders are, so are his enemies. But here we have to ask ourselves – does the mascot make a person more religious or not?

Here I would like to set an example with Orthodox Christians going to the battlefield and carrying small icons of Jesus and various patron saints. In fact, these icons are a kind of religious mascot. Do they give the fighters faith in the battle? Do they make them bolder? And the pious? As you can see – the use of talismans raises more questions than answers.

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Perhaps the only correct answer is that there is no need to go to extremes in their use, as long as they do not interfere with one’s inner, religious faith.

Now, about the very essence of Islamic talismans and their benefits. Various fake gurus give gullible people plain printed sheets of paper with text printed on them for a fee. Such taweez cannot work. In every esoteric system related to talismans, they are made in a certain way, in accordance with certain rules and are charged with energy, usually by reciting certain texts. In many cases, incense burning is also used, as it is believed to open the door to the spirit world – to summon spirits or God.

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Some, the so-called gurus even email files with these talismans that you can print yourself. This is also not correct and you can not get the desired result from these taweez. So what power would a printed sheet of paper have? As big as a drawing of a small child.

Due to the frequent manifestations of such fake gurus and their non-working mascots, it is said among many people that mascots do not work in principle, which is not the case. Unfortunately, nowadays it is very difficult to find the right people to make properly working talismans. You can easily recognize fake and non-professional gurus:

  • they usually ask unreasonably large sums for their services, relying on human despair;
  • offer to print home talisman files with talismans that will send you an email;
  • cut off communication with you once they are have taken your money or continue to insist on more money;
  • use untraceable financial platforms in third world countries
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But most of all – they are not familiar with the basic principles of Sufism in making talismans.

And on your part – when you use taweez you do not need to believe in their help. Their use has nothing to do with the Western mantra – ‘believe it to happen to you’ or the positive thinking. You just have to carry it in the same way you carry the wallet in your pocket – know that the mascot is there, even if you don’t pay attention to it and gradually your life will start to change. And whether it is a matter of subconscious suggestion, as some scientists claim or not – does not matter!

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