Kenwood NX-200E VHF Digital Two-Way Radio 

 December 20, 2021

The NX-200 is a UHF Digital two way radio from Kenwood. Built to military standards (MIL-STD-810) the NX-200 has been tested in some of the toughest working environments, rugged and reliable the radio will continue to work in adverse conditions. IP67 protection means that not only does the NX-200 have a limited ingress protection against dust, but can also be immersed in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

An Internal VOX function is pre-programmed into the Radio Kenwood nx 200, this allows for hands free communication with the radio should it be needed in specific working environments. 8 Programmable keys are also present on the body of the NX-200, this allows for customization of the radio to fit the purpose of the users work. Lone Worker is also readily available on the radio, this is a program that will monitor the activity levels of the NX-200, should the radio be inactive for a pre-set period of time then an alert will be sent to other radios within the network, ideal for dangerous working environments.

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With the ability to operate in both NXDN Digital Conventional and FM Analogue modes, these can both be encompassed via the same channel. The NX-200 has 512 selectable channels, meaning that even for a larger scale operation the radio will continue to be sufficient. Present on the front of the radio you will find a 14 character alphanumeric LCD display, along side a full key pad for basic functioning.


Digital Basic Privacy

Digital Basic Privacy ensures that any communications made using your two way radios are protected against the potential for eavesdropping. Although this level of protection is very basic it still offers a degree of protection against your communications being listened in on by unwelcome parties.

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Basic Privacy uses a fixed key which is set when the radio is programmed. There are 255 potential keys to be chosen from, this meaning that this is still a fairly simple privacy option for your devices. In order for an eavesdropper to listen in to your conversations they would require your exact frequencies, whilst also knowing the exact key that you have used for privacy.

The main reason for purchasing licensed two way radios is the privacy that they offer over license exempt devices. When communicating in work environments where there is the potential for sensitive information to be passed over the airwaves, having at least a basic level of privacy ensures that due diligence has been taken to keep work communications in house

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How To Use VOX

Most two way radios’ voice activation feature only works via an external VOX capable earpiece or headset. Once connected, you simply start speaking and the two way radio will automatically initiate the transmission. When there is no longer any audio coming via your earpiece or headset, the two way radio automatically disengages the PTT.


Activating VOX

Most business grade licence exempt two way radios allow activating the voice activation feature via a button combination on the radio; or by simply plugging in a vox capable earpiece or headset. However, some more complex two way radios, such as our licensed two way radios will require some reprogramming.

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VOX Drawbacks

Since VOX works by listening out for audio via the attached accessory, background noise that’s near to the sound of a human voice will also activate it. That means practically anything can activate the voice activation.


Channel Scanning

Channel scanning enables the user to monitor a number of channels and respond when a transmission comes through. The scan feature can usually be programmed to include or exclude channels from the scan. Scanning fewer channels makes the scan faster. Should a transmission be found, your radio will stop and pause giving the operator the chance to respond to the transmission before continuing its cycle through the selected channels.

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When programming your radio, it is possible to include or exclude channels from the scan, this allows for channels of highest priority to be added meaning that staff members never miss an important transmission. Channel scanning is an ideal choice in environments where updates are frequently given, this allowing for all of your members of staff to remain alert to changing conditions.

Digital hybrid radios can usually scan either or both digital and analogue channels simultaneously. This allows for an extremely flexible scan facility where the user can monitor many channels across both analogue and digital modes.

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