7 Best Tools To Edit Videos Online Easily 

 February 23, 2022

It is no wonder that the internet has emerged as the ultimate storehouse of video content in recent times. Since high-speed internet is now within easy reach, the world is witnessing a shift in interest from images to video-based content. This is why prominent video platforms have been garnering immense traffic lately.


According to statistical findings published in the last few years, an estimated 2 billion users log on to YouTube each month. The abundance of quality video content online implies that creators need to strive harder to keep ahead of the soaring competition. Delivering premium grade content is a prerequisite for achieving recognition online. A video editor loaded with cutting-edge features can go a long way in turbocharging your marketing endeavors.

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In today’s blog, we have put together a list of the top 7 online tools that can help you master the art of video editing quickly.


  1. InVideo


Having become a hit among video makers, InVideo is the most technologically advanced online video editor that can work wonders for enhancing your content. This video editing tool boasts an amazingly enormous selection of 5000 ready-made templates to speed up your editing efforts. The seamless editing capabilities of InVideo can kickstart your video-making journey, hence allowing you to rack up a higher number of views in less time.


Thanks to InVideo’s simple interface, you can navigate the platform easily regardless of whether you are a newbie or pro editor. This online video editor is armed with a top-notch media library that you can access to enrich your content with audio, images, text, etc. You can unleash your creativity with the editing tool by employing the right mix of transitions and effects for your video.

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Best of all, you can begin editing content on InVideo for free straight from your browser without downloading any files.


  1. Clipchamp


Clipchamp is ideal for vloggers and gamers who possess considerable editing experience. The platform offers all the introductory video-making features as well as access to cool-looking custom templates. The good news is that this comprehensive video editing tool allows you to import images and audio files from your desktop and mobile. Clipchamp is well stocked with cool effects that can spruce up your visual content when utilized intelligently.


  1. Animoto


With a superb editing solution like Animoto at your disposal, making strikingly viral videos becomes a piece of cake. The platform boasts a remarkable range of splendid effects story templates along with seamless footage cropping abilities. Animoto lets editors experiment with fun visuals and transitions that infuse variety into the content. The easy signup process and user-friendly interface of this online video-making tool greatly enhance its appeal in the sight of editors.

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Although marketing agencies mostly use Animoto, the tool is nothing less than a godsend for individual creators looking to up their video-editing game.


  1. Vyond


Vyond is a cloud-based editing solution that slowly gains traction among content creators of all skill levels. While Vyond has a paid subscription plan, you can test the basic editing abilities of this tool with its free trial period of 2 weeks. The platform is equipped with a highly intuitive dashboard that ensures faster completion of editing projects when deadlines are around the corner. Vyond can instantly add a wow factor to your content, best suited for animated clips.

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  1. Renderforest


Providing full support for FHD resolution, Renderforest is a feature-loaded editing tool that boasts a ton of outstanding effects and stock videos. What distinguishes Renderforest from other editors is its extensive array of thematic templates. Even the free version of this editing tool allows editors to make watermark-free HD videos. From trimming unwanted parts to adding engaging voiceovers to your videos, Renderforest is sure to fulfill all your content editing needs.


  1. Biteable


When it comes to making scroll-stopping videos that bring in organic traffic, you cannot overlook the exceptional editing potential of Biteable. The extensive media library of this video editing platform gives you access to enthralling soundtracks and stock clips which can be used free of cost. Perfect for developing marketing content, the web-based video editor makes it possible for creators to enhance their videos with superb studio-like animations.

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Moreover, you can deploy Biteable’s spectacular transitions to add that extra zing in between your video scenes. Above all, signing up on this editing platform will not take more than a few minutes.


  1. Lumen5


Lumen5 is another cool video editing tool that can come in handy for creating fun and catchy social media promos instantly. The drag-and-drop platform gives editors the ability to transform blog posts into promotional video content. You can enrich your social promos by adding GIFs, audio files, and video clips. With the free version of Lumen5 at your disposal, you can edit as many videos as you like, but the resolution will be restricted to 480p.

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Without a doubt, social media platforms that are mainly focused on video-based content are thriving faster than ever. We live in an age where videos have become an inseparable part of people’s lives. It should come as no surprise that smartphone users spend around 23.2 hours streaming videos every month.


Back when internet penetration was not widespread, competition in the content creation sphere was limited. Now that things have changed getting your videos noticed and standing out among creators is no longer a walk in the park. While the focus should be on creating content that caters to the audience’s interests, you should never neglect the editing aspect.

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Relying on the right technology stack is a sure-fire way to gain an edge over skilled video creators in the industry. A web-based video editor can lend a professional touch to your videos and boost overall view count to a great extent. So, do your research in advance and select the best video editing tool from the aforementioned list to take your content creation career to the next level.

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